Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Help for the Prometey program

1. Introduction.

Prometey 2.0 is a continuation of the mobile version of the program that will turn your mind over and expand your usual framework of understanding the things around you. It is designed to help, not replace, artificial intelligence engineers.

Prometey 2.0 is a digitized copy of a design engineer, or rather a digital twin of the development team's experience, only much more accurate and productive. This is a full-fledged artificial intelligence under the control of various neural networks, genetic algorithms and simply complex algorithms working in conjunction with each other.

Prometey 2.0 features:

 - arranges columns / pylons on the architectural plan of the building strictly within the architectural walls

- creates hundreds, thousands, tens and even hundreds of thousands of options for various locations

- finds stresses in vertical bearing elements (N, Mx, My, Mz, Qx, Qy)

- finds deformations in the floor slab

- finds the basic stresses σх and σу along the upper and lower planes of the floor slab

- finds the theoretical reinforcement of the floor slab

- determines the actual reinforcement (in bars) of the reinforcement in the floor slab based on the theoretical reinforcement isofields

- exports slab reinforcement in DXF format

- considers the specification for reinforcement

- calculates the cost of the volume of construction work, taking into account the cost of materials and work

- determines the effectiveness of each variant of the structural scheme of a building within the framework of a theory based on statistical analysis of 100,000 variants of design schemes of buildings prepared by AI

- draws up a report with all plots and saves it on the hard disk with a unique ID number

In addition to new functions, all the old functions of the mobile version remained and ported in the program:

- Express assessment of bending moments occurring in the floor slab

- Express assessment of the distribution of cargo areas of vertical structures

- And many others

In the near future, old functions will be removed from the program due to the fact that more efficient and accurate similar tools appear in the program.