Monday, April 3, 2017


           At the moment I am an engineer and in particular I am engaged in the development of information technology. For about 6 months I carefully studied the market of software offerings in this direction and came to the conclusion that nothing new has been realized. In the end, I decided to start everything from scratch, and for about a year I've been working on an ambitious project for three main operating systems. The project itself was only conceived as one small application for a mobile device, but after a while it became a whole line of applications. Each application for specific purposes and tasks, for the most part they are for fun and receive positive emotions from the process of obtaining new information and the process of learning new.
           The name of the resource is called Enion not by chance. This is an abbreviation helping to understand the fourth dimension of the space. In the main line of the project there will be several areas of software support:
1. Enion. BIM
2. Enion. Game
3. Enion. Eagle eye
4. Enion. Singularity
            At the moment this project is purely commercial.

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