Saturday, May 12, 2018

Enion CUBE

         After nearly 19 months of development, we finally were able to implement all the scenarios and basic algorithms of the Enion program. It was a very hard way and it is simply impossible to describe all the problems.
          After some time of the development of the program, we wanted to teach Enion to draw simple primitives, lines, line segments, rectangular flat figures, but it was possible with great difficulty:


           But after a while it turned out to create unusual things, multi-storey houses of various configurations. Enion CUBE for example created the concept of the Moscow skyscraper "Tower Federation" having at hand only a photo of the building plan and the creation of the model took a time of 1 second::

          At the moment, only the basic function of creating models will be available. In the future, a roadmap for further product development will be published. The goals and objectives of the Enion project team are very extensive.

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