Sunday, October 21, 2018

CUBE. DXF model export

        Project Enion is primarily based on changing the approach to information modeling and at the same time they should be understandable to everyone. That is why the CUBE program is based on machine learning at the highest level of process automation.
        In the next update of the program, it will be possible to export the resulting model to any graphic program for drawing / modeling, but also to design programs that support the DXF format.
       The scale of export of the model is 1 to 1, that is, real units of space are supported.
        Here's what the model looks like (screenshot taken in the CUBE program):

And this is what the model looks like in a CAD / BIM program:

         All elements are three-dimensional including model lines and they are easily perceived by any CAD / BIM program.

         Link to the model file itself obtained from the application. Most likely this feature will be available in version 1.9. Currently, support for the IFC format is underway and we plan to release DXF and IFC exports at the same time. Concerning IFC there will be a separate article.

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